The Billygoat Run #23

Goat Notes

Welcome to Billygoat 2001. I believe we have put together a course that will be a challenge whether your goal is your first Goat t-shirt or your 23rd. Have fun, be careful, and I hope to see you all out fo the woods before 2:30 pm.
- Jim Henderson
Head Goat '01

Special Rules

In addition to the usual orienteering rules (punch at each control, do them in order, report to the finish even if you don't finish the course), there are few special Billygoat rules you will need to remember -
  1. Following is permitted.
  2. You may skip any one control of your choice.
  3. If you finish in 3:30:00 or less you will get a t-shirt. If you are overtime by as little as one second, you will leave with nothing.
  4. There is no time limit to finish the course, although we would prefer that you return before dark.
  5. (There is no forked control this year.)

    Course Setters/Vetters/Mappers Notes

    The map is a revised special edition of the Gay City State Park map originally produced for the 1998 Troll Cup. It is 1:10.000 scale with a 5m contour interval. Revisions include the addition of new trails, inclusion of some additional green features, and altered out of bounds.
    Vegetation: Low vegetation is mostly not thick enough to impede your speed, but does reduce visibility in some areas.

    Water Features: Recent heavy rains have expanded some marshes. Expect to get wet feet.

    Skips: We have provided several good skipping options, both early and late in the course. Making a good skip choice may do a lot toward improving your time and place in the race.

    Finish: Today's finish is not at the beach. It is next to the old snack bar where you picked up your race packet.

    Start: The Billygoat is a mass start event. The walk to the start will begin from the finish at 10:40. If you are late, follow the streamers to the start, grab a map and go.

    Controls: Controls have occasionally been stolen from courses at Gay City. We have made every effort (short of manning every control overnight) to prevent this from happening. If you are certain that you are at the correct feature, but find no control, look high and low for pink plastic tape with the control #. There are multiple punches at the first few controls to reduce waiting.

    Safety: The safety bearing is East to Route 85. Please carry a whistle to summon help. If you reach powerlines or pipelines at the southwestern edge of the map you are on private property. Turn around!

    - The Course Committee
    Julie Weatherby, Clint Morse, Jim Henderson

    An Incredibly Brief and Incomplete History of the Billygoat Run

    1979    Started by Fred Pilon and Peter Gagarin - 7 participants
    1983Tradition of T-shirts for all under 3:30 starts
    1988Over 100 participants for the first time.
    1991Peter Gagarin hands reins of power to the Divinely Appointed Billygoat Steering Committee. (Paul Bennett, Jon Nash, JJ Cote)
    1993Jim Henderson runs his first Billygoat
    1995Pink t-shirt.
    1996An 11 year old girl wins a t-shirt and 2 infants are carried around the course.
    For exhaustive information, go to the fabulous
    For even more information, ask JJ Cote.