2000 Northeastern Long-O Triple Crown

J-J Coté has assembled the results for the Triple Crown of Northeastern Billygoat events in 2000.

Subject:2000 Triple Crown
From:Jean-Joseph Coté
A dozen orienteers completed the Long-O Triple Crown this year (Billygoat, Highlander, and Traverse), and it was a Y-chromosome crowd this year. (One overtime finish is included in this list.) Don't know if anyone on the list is planning to go for the Possum Trot to complete the "traditional" Grand Slam, but I may be heading down to Orlando to run the BubbaGoat, for the "hanging chad" Grand Slam.
Peter "To Hell with Golf!" Gagarin8:22:162:07:263:59:542:14:56
Ross "Sockless" Smith8:46:381:45:564:25:052:35:37
Doug "Wait up, Abbey!" Gosling8:57:382:20:064:16:352:20:57
Misha "Kind of a Girl" Lipatov9:01:502:30:074:16:172:15:26
J-J "Waiting for Sharon" Coté 9:07:022:02:464:27:512:36:25
Charlie "Double Mag" DeWeese9:47:142:09:224:35:203:02:32
Scott "billygoat.org" Turner10:39:192:34:315:23:342:41:14
Eric "Peat Hag" Smith11:30:292:22:415:44:453:23:03
Jim "Nietupski" Henderson11:41:562:36:065:55:583:09:52
Rich "Henderson" Nietupski11:52:172:46:275:55:583:09:52
Phil "Aspiring to Mediocrity" Bricker13:39:003:24:516:49:213:24:48
Bill "No Goat Shirt" Bryant15:28:033:37:297:26:474:23:47