1999 Northeastern Long-O Triple Crown

J-J Coté has assembled the results for the Triple Crown of Northeastern Billygoat events in 1999.

A fine field of triple crowners this year, and I'm guessing that nobody made it out to the Possum Trot to complete the Grand Slam. But here's the list of those who had official finishes in the Billygoat, Highlander, and Traverse:
Ken Walker Jr.QOC1:37:034:14:072:05:577:57:07
Clem McGrathDVOA2:01:134:35:332:06:328:43:18
J-J CotéRMOC1:58:125:18:122:30:259:46:49
Jeff SaegerNEOC2:08:576:39:252:45:2911:33:51
Scott BaileyUNO2:09:396:50:143:08:1812:08:11
Doug GoslingUNO2:34:286:50:142:53:4012:18:22
Jim HendersonWCOC2:35:227:07:092:40:1612:22:47
Charlie DeWeeseNEOC2:15:207:23:503:10:1512:49:25
Glen TrysonEMPO2:31:437:42:553:05:0913:19:47
Scott TurnerNEOC3:17:217:36:053:01:3213:54:58
I think I got everybody. Note also that Rich Nietupski went the distance at all three, but mispucned at the Traverse -- ouch! And Kenny was fast enough that he could have completed all three within the Highlander time limit -- bravo!