23rd Annual Billygoat Run
June 3, 2001
Gay City State Park
Hebron, CT USA
Head Goat: Jim Henderson

The 23rd Billygoat Run is history. The shirts have been awarded, graced with Clint's goats.
An added attraction was the celebration afterward for Steve & Anne Dentino's new club, Orienteering Maine.

Thanks to J-J Coté for providing these results. Thanks to Joanne Sankus for the photos.

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Preliminary Results

14.74 km in length, 335 m of climb
(Note that the control description sheet said 15.75 km. This original figure is routinely revised
by the Billygoat statistician to match the route taken by the winner.)

1Bergeron, Eddie1:44:46
2Stanev, Orlin1:45:41
3Azarov, Alexi1:48:25
4Langbakk, Brent1:50:47
5Balter, Gregory1:51:06
6Brautigam, Joe1:51:31
7Fredrickson, John1:52:25
8Mahr, Matthias1:52:27
9Smith, Ross1:54:21
10Hall, Randy1:55:14
11Gates, Paul1:55:16
12Iliev, Lacho1:59:13
13Ruutopold, Alar2:04:18
14Young, Alan2:05:10
15Schaublin, Daniel2:05:51
16Parson, Tim2:05:55
17Breton, Bernard2:06:02
18Gagarin, Peter2:06:11
19Good, Tim2:06:15
20Gosling, Doug2:08:03
21Dickison, Peggy2:09:03
22Mokszycki, Joe2:09:29
23Cote, J-J2:09:33
24Saeger, Jeff2:09:33
25DeWitt, Rick2:09:34
26Brautigam, Pavlina2:10:45
27Leonard, Charles2:14:38
28Veres, Mihai2:19:26
29Kolyvek, Laszlo2:19:55
30Dominie, Mark2:22:13
31Barten, Joshua2:22:20
32DeWeese, Charlie2:23:08
33Turner, Scott2:25:28
34Worthington, Steve2:26:31
35Toulmin, Charlie2:27:03
36Dentino, Steve2:27:04
37Bricker, Phil2:27:36
38Donahue, Megan2:28:11
39Eagleton, Jim2:29:24
40Tarry, Stephen2:30:01
41Levitin, Sam2:31:15
42Smith, Eric2:31:17
43Saeger, Samantha2:32:25
44Good, Ted2:32:42
45Bundschuh, Pete2:33:20
46Ahmed, Nadim2:33:27
47Onkst, David2:36:13
48Tryson, Glen2:36:24
49Schapiro, Jeff2:36:53
50Bjaaland, Helge2:39:50
51Brautigam, Viktoria2:41:09
52Bailey, Scott2:42:59
53Melbye, Elle2:43:35
54Dady, Peter2:44:33
55Becker, Ralf2:44:55
56Crawford, Sharon2:45:33
57Bennett, Paul2:45:33
58Walsh, Bob2:45:51
59Gosling, Nick2:46:00
60Federer, Tony2:47:19
61DeWitt, Susan2:50:20
62Nietupski, Rich2:50:23
63Chung, Raymond2:56:01
64Hawkes-Teeter, Marty2:56:16
65Hardy, Ray2:58:04
66Jahn, Carl2:58:35
67Ferraro, Frank2:58:44
68Hawkes-Teeter, Philip2:58:57
69Koehler, Nancy2:59:17
70Keegan, Terry3:03:32
71Regan, Paul3:08:46
72Shultis, Jennifer3:09:58
73Goodwin, John3:10:11
74Worthington, Sue3:10:24
75Fluegel, Donna3:10:26
Goodwin, Peter
77Corry, Jay3:11:21
78Sturtevant, Dean3:11:46
Bryant, Barbara
80Hawes, George3:15:12
Weber, Craig
Bullions, Bob
83Bryant, Bill3:18:06
84Gosling, Abby3:18:07
85Humiston, Deborah3:19:19
86Gosling, Mary3:19:20
87Ruutopold, Eva3:21:03
Bundschuh, Lex
DeWeese, Rhonda
Gagarin, Gail
91Dickinson, Judy3:21:50
92Levine, David3:22:00
93Young, Mairead3:24:30
94O'Keeffe, Ellen3:24:35
95Ahlswede, Karl3:24:52
96Ahlswede, Ben3:25:00
97Freeberg, Rob3:25:17
98Turner, Kevin3:29:02
Saeger, Hillary3:30:23
Lee, John3:30:46
Federman, Jon3:31:44
Kotowski, Ed3:31:47
Tryson, Janet3:42:45
McArdle, Kathy3:54:30
Springer, Donn3:55:26
Stibler, Stephen3:55:40
Smith, Mary4:05:49
Jahn, Tom4:20:26
Jochnick, Adolf4:20:27
Nash, Jon4:29:53
Jochnick, AnnDNF
Pavano, ByronDNF
Underwood, TrishaDNF
Underwood, RogerDNF
Barnhart, MarkDNF
Butterworth, MichaelDNF
Kotowski, LizDNF
Leonard, BenDNF
Dentino, AnnDNF
Morse, JonathanDNF
Tilles, DavidDNF
Lawrence, SandyDNF
Leonard, ShawnDNF
Weeds, AbiDNF

Assembling in the start area, Anne (#142) and Steve (in blue/red) Dentino, Mark Dominie (by the tree), with Head Goat Jim Henderson in the foreground.

Just after the start sounded, the pack glances at maps and heads into the woods.

The last finisher under the official deadline of 3.5 hours, Kevin Turner.

For the record, the day's goat notes are preserved.

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