Third Annual Hillbilly Goat
Saturday August 25th, 2001
meet site Ann and Charlie Leonard's farm
46 Hammond Hill, Hammond Hill State Forest in central New York State

A long-O in the grand tradition of the Olde Goats, but with the attraction of the one and only Pygmy Goat, an orange-ish long course of 6-8 k in length (for those competitors who lack the glutton-for-punishment attitude of die-hard goat addicts) while the Billy Goat Gruff is 14-16 k. Racers in both goats will have the opportunity to lose their followers by outsmarting them in several rogaine style control "windows." Remember, following is permitted but runners are encouraged to shake their unwanted "goat tails." (presumably while bleating, er, laughing, up their sleeves)

Featuring the gut-wrenching Mountain Goat Challenge, a section that goes straight up a hill. Special awards to top male and female runners on this leg.

Special mountain bike loop, new this year, will challenge competitors skill on a bike and their route choice decision-making. Part of the challenge will be for competitors to decide if they can do the loop faster on foot or on bike.

This year all the new trails that the D.E.C. has put in will be on the map!

Mass start at 11 a.m. for both goats. 6 hour time limit on both races, please; however, the only "penalty" for being late is finding slimmer pickings at dinner.

Awards for top male and female Mountain Goats, Pygmy Goats, Billy Goats Gruff and Goat Kids (18 and under) Special commemorative awards to top 20 finishers as well as all race volunteers.

Come one, come all! Newcomers to the sport can test their navigational skills by doing the mountain bike loop on foot or on bikes, as all these controls will be on trails (white course level navigation)

Pre-registration required, $10.00 plus dish-to-pass OR $15.00 without dish to pass. Register by August 18th (postmark date) or else pay an additonal late fee of $5.00 thereafter. E-mail works too. (I want to make sure everyone has a pre-marked map!)

Contact race director Ann Leonard at 46 Hammond Hill RD#2 Freeville, NY 13068 phone (607) 844-8706 e-mail

Volunteers are sorely needed and much appreciated!