Hudson Highlander Design Challenge

So ... you think you understand how the Highlander courses are planned..

Here's your chance to prove it......

After six events, even this veteran course designer is starting to run out of ideas for future Highlanders courses. I'm down to my last 1-2 designs for future courses. What to do??? Well, let's see if there are any people out there who might have some ideas about Highlander designs.

The Rules:

There are not a lot of rules for Highlanders. There has to be 26.2 kilometers of some kind of in the woods activities. Usually this means orienteering and trail running, but we're always open to new ideas. It would be nice to keep the King/Queen of the Mountain and Sprint Championships, but they are not requirements. Situations which could pose obvious harm to competitors are right out. Oh yeah, the event should be somewhere in the Hudson Highlands.

The courses should be as fully designed as possible. Entries can be mailed to me at:

58 James Street
Newark, NJ 07012
or given to me in person at any orienteering events.

What do you get if you win:

Better yet, how do you know if you win? If the Highlander organizers use your design, in whole or as a substantial part of, any future Highlander, you'll have the opportunity to orienteer on your own course - an obvious advantage to competitive orienteers. We, of course, will not tell you until after the event that we are using your design, but we will also present you with a special "I designed the Highlander" award, surely to be in demand by orienteers everywhere. Not enough you say. We will also guarantee your entry into all future Highlanders and exempt you from the loss of your Highlander number if you fail to start or finish in regulation in any future Highlander. Surely a prize package of extraordinary value.


The best way to reach me is via email:

I know there are people ( Bernie ) who think they can design Highlander courses....Now's your chance to prove it and get something for your efforts.

Let the designs begin......