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Orienteering Map

Roan Mountain State Park

This map represents all of the park’s trails and road accurately, using standard orienteering symbols. The topographic contours are from lidar. Field checking has filled in details of vegetation and rock features from the Raven Rock Trail to the Doe River, including campground and the cabin area, continuing as far north as the Turkey Trot Trail.

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Trail Map

Buffalo Mountain

Buffalo Mountain, near Johnson City, Tennessee, has a good number of well-developed trails for hiking, as well as forest roads and tracks for mountain bikes and off-road vehicles.

This map shows the trails, tracks, and roads around the best hiking areas of Buffalo Mountain Park, the Pinnacle Lookout Tower, and Cherokee Mountain. Other areas of the map are incomplete, a work in progress. The topographic contours are from lidar.

While the map uses orienteering symbols and is oriented to magnetic north, it is lacking vegetation, cliffs, and other features which an orienteering map would show.

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