Billygoat notables

Fastest winning time76:396.57 min/kmRobert Graham2022
Best min/km time6.3295:35, 15.1 kmFredrik Delås1995
Slowest winning time132:5110.22 min/kmEric Weyman1983
Slowest time341:59Dean Sturtevant2005
Widest victory margin24:35interval startBob Lux over Dave Southworth1979
10:03mass startEric Weyman over Carl Childs1984
Slimmest victory margin0:03Eric Weyman over Mikell Platt1993
Closest nailbiters209:4812 seconds to spareRob Freeberg1986Note: in 1994, Rob Freeberg ran 209:56 (4 seconds to spare), but he had been lurking just out of sight of the finish for several minutes, eyeing his watch. He was also delayed for a few seconds by Jeff Saeger, who tried to tackle him a few meters from the finish line.
Barb Dominie1995
Closest heartbreaks210:033 seconds overBob Lehman1986
210:033 seconds overValeriy Doverov2014
210:044 seconds overMary Smith1995
210:1717 seconds overLarry Berman1992
Slowest time that earned lifetime points209:4814th womanBarb Dominie1995
Slowest male time that earned lifetime points203:4810th manOlaf Tabur1980
Fastest time that did not earn lifetime points103:0216th manErnst Linder2009
Fastest female time that did not earn lifetime points166:2716th womanAllmuth Perzel2000
Best overall place by a woman4Alison Crocker2012
Closest woman to winner4:11Sandy Tetreault1994
Oldest female winnerage 51Kristin Hall2018
Oldest male winnerage 46William Hawkins2023
Best placings by a junior 1age 18Isak Prellner2016
1age 18AJ Riley2019
1age 19Erik Nyström2009
4age 17Carl Underwood2010
7age 16John Fredrickson2002
Best placing by a junior woman1age 16Bridget Hall2018
1age 19Julia Doubson2019
2age 16Elina Breton2013
3age 15Anna Breton2012
6age 12Jessica Cosmus1996
Most family members6Mike, Zach, Luke, Nate, Walt, PattyLyons2010
5Nate, Mike, Zach, Patty, WaltLyons2009
4John, James, Jeff, MikePotter1996
Erin, Steve, Tora, TraceyOlafsen1998
Erin, Steve, Tracey, GretaOlafsen2003
Elina, Anna, Aleck, BernardBreton2013
TwinsMairead Young and Ellen Stibler1997, 1998, 2000, 2001
Anna Breton and Elina Breton2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
Longest gap between finishes26 yearsshirts in 1989 and 2016Pat Dunlavey1990-2015
PerseveranceOT finishes10Mary Smith1995-1997, 2000-2002, 2004, 2010-2012
8Sara Mae Berman1984, 1986, 1989, 1991-1994, 1996
OT finishes with no shirt3Martin Minow1987, 1989, 1991
Ann Harrer1987-1989