Blue Hills Traverse Course Data

This is a statistical history of the New England Orienteering Club's annual Blue Hills Traverse. It begins to document the event's citations as the oldest continuously-held orienteering event in the U.S. So far, there are a couple of gaps in the research. Any information on what happened in 1980 and 1983 would be appreciated.
11973 Nov 1811.736151:41   
21974 Nov 16George AtkinsonSaturday25181:32:30v4, no2
31975 Nov 16George Atkinson7.51231291:02:11v4, no7
41976 Oct 24George Atkinson & Steve Allison10.21318151:27   v5, no6
51977 Nov 27Steve Allison
61978 Nov 26George Atkinson11.318201:42:55snow under foot, low twenties, stiff breeze, threatening skyv8, no2
71979 Nov 25Ron Margolin & Bill Fordyce10.516261:15:3450 degrees warmer than last yearv9, no1
91981 Nov 22Bill DeSantis
course designed by Virginia Lehman
11.62261016151:15:05v11, no2
101982 Nov 28Virginia Lehman
course designed by Bob Lehman
11.51627251:23:35coldv11, no10
121984 Nov 25John Rogers10.8341:17:12v14, no1
131985 Nov 11John Rogers
course set by Sharon Crawford
Ponkapaug, Houghton's, and East22201:19:50v15, no2
141986 Dec 7Bill Jameson371:19:49
bright sun and coldv16, no2
151987 Dec 6Vivien Benning
161988 Dec 4Bob Dangel9.53001756461:18:56v19, no2
171989 Dec 3Jeff Saeger13.918539381:33:06t-shirts to all under 4 hoursv20, no2
181990 Dec 2Jeff Saegerloop from Great Blue Hill62601:19:30polypro socks to winners, last year's t-shirts to novicestemperature 55v21, no2
191991 Nov 24Jeff Saeger
course set by J-J Coté
Rocky Woods to Powissett311:33:09rained and frozev22, no4
201992 Dec 6Jeff Saegerre-creation of first, east to west14.930281:41:37polypro socks to novicestemperatures in the mid 20s, stiff breeze, cloudyv23, no2
211993 Dec 5Jeff SaegerPonkapaug to Chickatawbut to Houghton's22202:05:23temperatures in the low forties, wind, and heavy rainv24, no2
221994 Nov 13Jeff Saeger20251:39:23v25, no2
231995 Nov 12Jeff Saeger13  1527241:50:45t-shirtsclearing & windyv26, no2
241996 Nov 17Jeff Saeger14.530025312:02:39v27, no2
251997 Nov 23Jeff Saegeroriginal/revamped13.335019321:44:21dim; icy rainv28, no2
261998 Nov 15Mark Elgood14.12262562:07:30v29, no1
271999 Nov 14Michael Hughes &
Paige Williams
east to west15.06352764492:05:57v30, no1
282000 Nov 12Michael Hughes &
Paige Williams
east to west14.55902853492:02:23v31, no2
292001 Nov 11Michael Hughes &
Paige Williams
east to west14.772027 68452:03:29 yellow/black t-shirtclear, 47F, 17 knotsv32, no2
302002 Nov 10Michael Hughes &
Paige Williams
loop from Houghton's Pond13.359026 40361:43:11 light blue/black t-shirt
Nalgene bottles to winners
variable clouds, 68F, 17 knots gusting to 26v33, no1
312003 Nov 16Michael Hughes &
Paige Williams
east to west13.851026 60451:50:43 light blue/black t-shirtclear, 43F, 8 knotsv34, no1
322004 Nov 21Jeff Saeger east to west11.749023 55
or 52
or 50
1:28:15 light gray/black long-sleeved t-shirtovercast and gloomy, in the 40s, but no rainv35, no3
332005 Nov 20Dean Sturtevant east to west13.358024 54441:49:52 blue/white long-sleeved t-shirtclear, 51F, 11 knotsv36, no1
342006 Nov 19Jeff Saeger & Dean Sturtevant east to west13.346524 45391:58:22 black/white t-shirtovercast, 43F, 6 knotsv37, no1

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