Blue Hills Traverse
Sunday November 21, 2004
Jeff Saeger, Event Director

A watch malfunction at around 1:30pm left a gap in the timing (which has been estimated at 4 minutes. I have made my best guess at re contructing the finish times after that. According to one affected finisher, the times may be about 30 seconds too fast, but I hope everyone can accept that!

Blue Hills Traverse -- 11.7km, 490m climb, 23 controls
Place Name Final
1Jukka Kokkemeinni1:28:151st Novice
2Ken Walker Jr1:28:302nd open
3Adam Rudner1:28:38
4Grant Staats1:28:501st M40+
5Ross Smith1:40:30
6Joe Brautigam1:42:36
7Ernst Linder1:43:171st M50+
8Alar Ruutopold1:46:35
9Jean-Joseph Cote1:47:39
10Jon Campbell1:49:03
11Tim Parson1:49:14
12Peter Gagarin1:50:021st M60
13Doug Gosling1:51:40
14Jim Pugh1:51:55
15Tim Reif1:52:11
16Michael Hughes2:05:29
17Pavlina Brautigam2:05:301st Fopen
18Samantha Saeger2:05:31
19Ken Walker Sr2:05:36
20Neil Bostrom2:05:40
21Bob Lux2:05:57
22Andy Hall2:06:00
23Charlie DeWeese2:06:00
24John Hansman2:06:12
25George Walker2:06:19
26Doug Martin2:18:27
27Bob Dangel2:20:17
28Sean Hartman2:22:30
29Phil Bricker2:21:22
30Jeff Schapiro2:27:15
31Viktoria Brautigam2:27:30
32Scott Turner2:30:00
33Peter Frykman2:36:53
34Steve Richardson2:37:10
35Eric Smith2:37:36
Kseniya Popova2:37:36
Corinne Porter2:37:36
38Mike Sarnowski2:37:38
39John Bundschuh2:40:30
Pete Bundschuh2:40:30
Greg Meese2:40:30
42Jim Crawford2:41:33
43Dean Sturtevant2:48:41
44Filip Vretlund2:52:00
45Greg Sawicki3:06:25
46Hans Bengtsson3:06:28
47Barb Bryant3:14:33
48Lex Bundschuh3:25:55
Eva Ruutopold3:25:55
50Mary Smith3:38:19


These results are from Results from the NEOC Times newsletter have striking differences.