Course Notes for the 34th Blue Hills Traverse


The folks at West Marine in Quincy were kind enough to agree to let us use their upper parking lot. They'll be open, so if you need last-minute gloves or fleece, check them out!

Please carpool to the start, as parking space is limited. Try to get there by 10:45 or so. There will be a mass walk to the start from there not long afterwards.



The map is a little inaccurate in plaes, especially when it comes to vegetation and rock features. Please be forgiving — it's an old map covering a large area. Jeff Saeger and I have made some corrections in areas near or between controls that seemed most to need it. If there are significant problems, I take full responsibility for creating them or not avoiding them.

There will be several road crossings. Be very careful when crossing roads, especially route 28 (after about 5K) and after the aid station (Control #12). The cars tend to go pretty fast on these roads.

The course was originally intended to finish up with a loop around Houghton's Pond, but subsequently it was discovered that dog sled racing will be taking place there. If you hear a lot of dog barking, that's why. They'll be racing from 1 to 3, so you might want to check it out after you finish.

Good luck and have fun!

Dean Sturtevant