10th Blue Hills Traverse

Blue Hills East

November 28, 1982
by Virginia Lehman

This meet was listed in the NEOC schedule as being "run by and for the U.S. Orienteering Team to raise money." That it was, and the meet was successful as we raised over $300 for the U.S. Team. Quite a few of NEOC's own U.S. Team members assisted in the meet, but there were quite a few non-U.S. Team individuals who deserve special recognition for all their work in helping to make the meet a success. The "hero of the day" was Ron Margolin who gladly volunteered to be course setter of the white, yellow, orange and red courses. Bob Lehman designed the Traverse, was chauffeur for traverse competitors and also gave me a lot of assistance in meet preparation. Many thanks to helpers Sue Putnam, Sue Linsley and the entire Callahan clan for their hours of help on such a cold day. Dick Adams not only instructed beginners, but also did a great job at the finish. This meet was also the debut of NEOC's new Meet Information Board designed by Kim Doolittle. Kim also provided much needed warm beverages to thaw out the workers! Thanks again to all of the above and to all of you for helping out the U.S. Orienteering Team.
Blue "The Traverse"11.5K, 16 Controls
1.Sharon CrawfordNEOC/MQ125:31
2.Margo ThorntonNEOC131:33
3.Betty AndersonNEOC147:25
4.Cindy WalkerNEOC160:47
5.Ruth JohnsonNEOC171:45
6.Donna PetersenNEOC251:18
1.Stephen TarryNEOC/NH83:35
2.Bob LuxNEOC85:10
3.Dave McGrawNEOC/VT87:48
4.Tony FedererNEOC/NH105:30
5.Larry BermanCSU105:50
6.Jim CrawfordNEOC110:59
7.Jeff SaegerNEOC120:25
8.Dave BarringtonNEOC/MQ123:23
9.Jeff CampbellNEOC125:13
10.Dave BaileyNEOC125:39
11.Hans J. LuwaldNEOC129:07
12.John ZielinNEOC143:35
13.Olaf TaburNEOC155:37
Jim Coggeshall155:37
15.Mel WoolseyNEOC156:52
16.Rick HardyCSU162:30
17.Marty CallahanNEOC170:16
18.Walter GleasonNEOC214:35
19."Muddie Feats"NEOC275:45
DNF - 1
DSQ - 1

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