13th Blue Hills Traverse

Blue Hills Reservation, Milton, Massachusetts
December 1, 1985
U.S. Team Benefit
Meet Director: John Rogers
Course Setter: Sharon Crawford
by Beth Elliott

Although the weather was quite cold and somewhat snowy in the area, we had a very good turnout at this meet, and drew a significant number of newcomers to the sport. Of course we weren't totally prepared for this onslaught of enthusiastic orienteers and the meet began, per usual, as somewhat of a comedy of errors. Thanks to a lot of wonderful help, espeically Beth Elliott who handled registration, and Gary Shamel who ran start and finish solo for a good chunk of time, later joined by Bill Jameson; the meet went well.

Special thanks also to those who helped with control pickup, which is one of the meet director's worst headaches. Dave Barrington (traverse pickup), Dave's friend Jessica (lastname?), Ann Harrer, and Bart and Roland Siezen all pitched in on pickup. James Baker (after getting lost on the way to the meet and barely making the start) was especially helpful in offering to return the meet equipment to Les Norman's garage. Thanks to everyone!

Particularly unique to this meet was the traverse course, set by Sharon Crawford, which crossed three maps - Ponkapoag Pond, Houghton's Pond and Blue Hills East. Many ventured out on this long and difficult route, and they deserve a big pat on the back. The map folding for this event, itself, was an exercise in sportsmanship whtat we later thought deserved an endurance award.

Others enjoyed the less complicated, yet equally challenging green, yellow, and white courses set (also by Sharon) at Blue Hills East.

1.Stephen Templeton79:50CSU
2.Bill Jameson84:26NEOC
3.Larry Berman86:18CSU
4.Clayton Smith86:20Nisqually
5.Jeff Saeger92:14NEOC
6.Tim Parson92:48NEOC
7.Steve Dentino93:28NEOC/MQ
8.Bob Dangel101:02NEOC
9.Jerry Rice101:10NEOC
10.Philip B. DeLuco112:33NEOC
11.John Barrington117:45NEOC
12.Bob Lehman118:18NEOC
13.Dave Bailey120:25CSU
14.Kevin Waterbury122:42NEOC
15.Jean Joseph Cote133:38NEOC
16.Marty Stanton134:10NEOC
17.James Baker136:37NEOC/WM
18.John Moore173:16
Bill AlgaaierDNFNEOC
Myron GallagherDNFNEOC
1.Cindy Walker144:47NEOC
2.Sara Mae Berman154:20CSU

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