14th Blue Hills Traverse

Blue Hills Reservation, Milton, Massachusetts
December 7, 1986
by Bill Jameson

Bright sun and cold. A very nice day for the final meet of 1986. The traditional season ending meet featured a mass start for all involved, which resulted in a very close finish. Mike Fritz, speed demon at large, dug out a seven second win over Tim Parson. The women's race was won by Sharon Crawford.

On the Orange Course, Grant Murray, a member of the US Junior Team, took a clear victory over his older rivals.

Thanks to all who helped, including Sharon Crawford, Terry Keegan, Ladislav Jezek, Beth Jameson, Lex Bundschuh and all of the control pickers.

Bill Jameson

Blue - Men
1.Mike FritzNEOC/CSU79:49
2.Tim ParsonNEOC79:56
3.Fred PilonNEOC-WM81:43
4.Steve TempletonCSU/NEOC82:03
5.Peter GagarinNEOC-WM82:07
6.John RogersNEOC-WORM83:16
7.Steve DentinoNEOC-MQ85:02
8.Jeff SaegerNEOC87:20
9.Peter BundschuhNEOC-UNO87:47
10.Jerry RiceNEOC90:23
11.Ian TidswellNEOC/CSU90:53
12.Tony FedererNEOC-UNO90:59
13.H.C. RobbinsNEOC94:56
14.John RobbinsNEOC-MQ98:51
15.Ladislav JezekNEOC103:22
16.Tom TaylorNEOC108:46
17.John ZielenNEOC110:48
18.Terry KeeganNEOC110:57
19.Ed KotowskiNEOC115:16
20.Tom SlocumNEOC115:40
21.Mike ChinNEOC118:33
22.Myron GallagherNEOC122:22
23.Bob LehmanNEOC-UNO124:15
24.Ragnar BernhardSWEDEN125:44
25.Rob MichaelsNEOC128:50
26.Gerry KatzNEOC130:16
27.Dave BaileyNEOC/CSU142:15
28.John BarringtonNEOC143:15
29.Robert KneppNEOC-UNO158:40
30.Peter AmramNEOC170:30
Red - Women
1.Sharon CrawfordNEOC-MQ101:56
2.Virginia LehmanNEOC-UNO115:26
3.Gail GagarinNEOC-WM117:08
4.Vivien BenningNEOC129:08
5.Anne ParsonNEOC142:30
6.Cindy WalkerNEOC146:20
7.Maureen KneppNEOC-UNO158:40
Orange - Men(At least 15 Points)
1.Grant MurrayNEOC(15)45:25
2.Robert BurkeNEOC(15)48:03
3.Jim PlantNEOC(15)56:50
4.Adrian DawsonNEOC(15)59:26
5.Cameron MurrayNEOC(15)63:16
6.Stephen Baumann(15)65:51
7.Terry HattonNEOC(15)66:45
8.Ed HurleyNEOC(15)81:29
9.Tim Wilkinson(17)83:50
10.Ed BurkeUSNG(15)86:52
11.Paul RemingtonNEOC(15)97:15
12.W.K. Burke(15)101:03
13.Paul LoefstedtNEOC(15)105:00
14.Craig MurrayNEOC(20)105:46
15.Olaf TaburNEOC(20)110:18
16.Peter Nori(15)122:30
17.Tom Connolly(16)182:37
Orange - Women
1.Linda TaylorNEOC(15)48:11
2.Margo WyckoffNEOC(15)50:25
3.Lex BundschuhNEOC(15)53:28
4.R.A. JohnsonNEOC(15)54:09
5.Julia MeysnerSYO(15)69:20
6.Ann HarrerNEOC(15)76:52
7.Diane Lee(15)83:07
8.Mil Plant(15)85:40
9.Valerie MurrayNEOC(15)90:56
10.Suzanne FedereerNEOC(15)91:15
11.Debra Moser(15)101:03
12.Mette TaburNEOC(20)111:12
Orange - Group
1.Sally & Ray LockeNEOC(15)57:41
2.Allen & Martha Campbell(15)80:10
Yellow - Men(At least 11 Points)
1.Ned Gray(12)113:04
Yellow - Group
White - Women(At least 6 Points)
1.Shirley Clay(8)119:00

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