16th Blue Hills Traverse

Blue Hills Reservation, Milton, Massachusetts
December 4, 1988
by meet director Bob Dangel

The spirit of unspoilt, amateur competition lived on as Graeme Ackland and Mark Elgood sprinted to a photo finish in the Traverse. In an all out race for the hot cider (which was not ready due to their early arrival) they demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship, ground speed, accuracy and desire.

I particularly thank my volunteers at registration and finish. These selfless workers slowly froze in a cold, stiff wind: Martin Minow, Chas and Jean Jones, Roy Harvey, Keith Sisterson, Harriet Cohen, and Ed Kotowski. Terry Keegan was disappointed because he could not compete after he agreed to vet the courses. He provided valuable comments on the control descriptions and also ran the course a second time on the morning of the meet to verify the placements. Thanks also to Rob Michaels, JJ Cote and Jim Baker for picking up controls.

In the lost department, I found a white hat with a gold, barefoot emblem and a pompom between T-2 and T-3, and a blue and white checked shirt at the finish. Call to claim.

Bob Dangel
Meet Director

9.5 km       300 m       17 controls

1.Graeme Ackland78:56
2.Mark ElgoodNEOC78:57
3.Tim ParsonNEOC80:11
4.Steve TarryNEOC/UNO80:53
5.Lans TaylorNEOC84:31
6.John RogersNEOC84:37
7.Rob MichaelsNEOC84:43
8.Damon Douglas IIINEOC84:49
9.Erik BeecroftHAVOC85:32
10.Hans BengtssonNEOC MQ94:32
11.Mike ChinOMIT94:34
12.Myron GallagherNEOC94:53
13.Derek MansellNEOC/UNO94:36
14.Ernst LinderUNO94:59
15.Tony FedererNEOC/UNO95:21
16.Ian TidswellHAVOC95:31
17.Jeff SaegerNEOC97:16
18.Clayton SmithNEOC97:27
19.Robert GalejsNEOC99:07
20.Craig MurrayNEOC MQ103:09
21.Jim BakerNEOC103:15
22.Mike LintsOMIT105:21
23.JJ CoteNEOC MQ110:11
24.Malcolm SmithNEOC113:17
25.J. ZielinNEOC120:38
26.M. FrishmanNEOC120:43
27.John Hess121:00
28.Peter MunnettNEOC122:51
29.Ed KotowskiNEOC124:05
30.Pete BundschuhNEOC UNO127:22
31.Stephen BrownUNO130:06
32.Aims Coney131:52
33.Peter SeveranceNEOC135:20
34.Tom Jahn146:47
35.Robert BurkeNEOC148:32
36.Tim FordHAVOC149:25
37.Barry Fifield163:24
38.Peter AmramNEOC163:39
39.Jim Plant198:40
40.Bob JeffersNEOC211:14
41.DNF - 9
1.Anne ParsonNEOC95:56
2.Sharon CrawfordNEOC MQ110:45
3.Lex BundschuhNEOC UNO127:22
4.Crystine LeeHAVOC130:06
5.Vivien BenningNEOC159:58
6.Cindy GrayNEOC MQ174:12
7.DNF - 1

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