18th Blue Hills Traverse

Blue Hills Reservation, Milton, Massachusetts
December 2, 1990
by meet director Jeff Saeger

Everyone seemed to be relaxed and warm at the base of the Blue Hills ski slope. This year there was no snow on the slopes, no ice on the rocks and the temperature was a balmy 55 degrees (F). So I guess they were content to wait out the speech by the meet director. Soon enough they would warm up by somehow orienteering to the first control on the other side of 100 meter Great Blue Hill.

The traditional N.E.O.C. traverse of the Blue Hills was changed to a loop course this year when the managers of the area declared half of our traditional course off-limits to off trail use. To make up for the lack of length a few hills were added. A series of ups and downs along trails for the first six controls slowed the pace in the first half (acutally 4.7km. to the split) then some real orienteering for another 16 controls to the end. Actually an inaccurate map at control 17 provided more (unintended) drama when many packs or individuals wandered around looking for a mis-mapped pit. This bunched up some groups even more but some fast open controls at the end allowed Mikell Platt to again this year become the overall winner.

Awards were given for various categories, including a novice award of last year's T-shirt for the first male and female novices of the Traverse. Since many of the experienced orienteerers have drawers full of T-shirts, Blue Hills Traverse polypro socks were given to the winners in each category.

A T-shirt was also given (and we still have lots left) to Vicky Woolworth for travelling the farthest for the meet, I'm sure the shirt is a rare item in the Bay Area O' Club.

* - indicates class winner

1Mikell PlattMopen*32:3579:30
2John RogersMopen35:1881:15
3Tim ParsonMopen35:0281:20
4Peter GagarinM40 *35:5681:39
5Ernst LinderMopen36:1581:48
6Steve TarryM4036:1283:39
7Steve DentinoMopen37:1794:03
8Damon Douglas IIIMopen37:0094:08
9Gerald KatzMopen40:3594:19
10Bob DangelM4042:2694:22
11Tim GoodMopen41:5494:23
12Rob MichaelsM4037:1194:42
13Peter AndersonMnovice*39:3396:39
14Charles DeWeeseM4040:3596:45
15Fred PilonM4041:5796:52
16Tony FedererM5043:0097:14
17Bob BurnhamMnovice37:3097:18
18Anne ParsonFopen*42:2497:21
19Jerry RiceM4042:15100:04
20Mike ChinMopen42:35100:05
21James BakerMopen43:56104:04
22Crystine LeeFopen41:28104:22
23Gary GallagherM4044:10104:49
24Robert GalejsMopen42:05106:46
25Craig MurrayMjunior*45:10113:36
26Detlef WestphalenMopen42:48113:45
27Roger UnderwoodM4052:39117:16
28Terry KeeganM5044:42117:27
29Steve KelloggM4044:48118:04
30Brendan BellewMnovice52:43118:05
31Stephen BrownMopen39:27118:26
32Mike LintsMopen47:05120:33
33Tom SlocumMopen45:01120:35
34John ZielanM40sorry!125:48
35Roger KramMnovice54:06131:51
36Sharon CrawfordF40*54:45132:49
37Virginia LehmanF4058:48144:27
38Richard O'LearyMopen67:57144:39
39Linda TaylorFnovice*58:57144:50
40John LaFeuveMnovice53:07146:42
41Peter WilsonMopensorry!147:26
42Olaf TaburM5058:45148:24
43Joe SternfeldMnovice58:59148:25
44Donn SpringerMnovice58:37148:30
45Will DesRosiersMnovice52:49159:03
46Tim FordMopen62:25159:29
47Peter MunnettM4063:11159:51
48Karl StephensM5065:35159:55
49Aims ConeyMopen68:18161:02
50Lisa SpaderFopen68:45161:12
51Peter AmramM4064:45163:34
52Dave BaileyM4064:33164:11
53Bob O'LearyMnovice67:57172:00
54Beth ElliotFnovice79:44180:41
Rhonda DemetriosFopen79:44180:41
56Cindy GrayFopen68:00181:00
57Larry BermanM5075:15187:59
Sara Mae BermanF50 *75:15187:59
59Thomas MooreMnovice70:04192:58
60Vicky WoolworthFnovice68:38202:00
James PlantM6079:35
Benoy DeSouzaMopen58:41

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