19th Traverse

A meets, B meets,
no more billy goat,
what could be worse?
the plains of Powissett..

The Rocky Woods-Powissett Peak Traverse
Dover, Massachusetts
Sunday, November 24, 1991
by meet director Jeff Saeger

Traditions die hard. The Blue Hills Traverse was torn from its usual venue and moved to the plains of Powissett. Mother Nature was mad, it rained and froze the competitors making for a high DNF rate. Next year is the 20th anniversary, where will we have it?

After complaints of rocks and hills and dense vegetation in the Blue Hills, the final straw of an inability to even have a traverse in the Blue Hills by elimination of the Blue Hills East map by the MDC, a troll suggested to the meet director that perhaps he should look for some other maps to traverse.

A little known fact is that the Cambridge Sports Union's Rocky Woods map and NEOC's Powissett Peak maps share a common border in Dover MA. Since I have tired of watching everyone else have all the fun on this event, I recruited Jean-Joseph Coté to set the course (and Peter Wilson to be recreational courses meet director). So, thanks to all of you for making it possible for me to run.

Ever since three years ago when I talked Mikell Platt into running the Traverse, the locals have been shut-out of first place. Mikell loved running the Traverse so much that he joined NEOC, now he's a local, too.

1.Mikell Platt41:1993:09
2.Tim Parson45:49104:31
3.Ernst Linder45:45104:53
4.Peter Andersen49:20104:53
5.Peter Gagarin47:26106:44
6.Kristin Federer49:50109:30
7.Jeffrey Saeger54:39112:59
8.Jerry Rice47:25114:34
9.Derek Mansell50:45118:17
10.Peter Edwards56:12121:59
11.Charles DeWeese50:58122:19
12.Robert Galejs58:30122:44
13.Gary Gallagher54:08126:51
14.Tiim Good49:50126:59
15.Mike Lints58:21133:40
16.James Baker60:36134:14
17.Peter Bundschuh64:00135:50
18.Larry Berman63:03139:37
19.Roger Underwood63:09139:50
20.Rod Hinman59:40145:30
21.Terry Keegan70:36161:14
22.Sharon Crawford72:50166:16
23.Mike Lipcheck68:18173:14
24.Detlef Westphalen78:12177:05
25.Nick Collins86:30178:19
26.Tom Jahn80:10192:48
27.Vivien Benning91:04193:22
28.Chris Sampson97:35193:26
29.Bob Lux97:35193:28
30.Brendan Bellew100:40204:07
31.Tim Ford97:49216:10

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