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2005 Sunday, December 4 Winners of Possum Trot IX were Mark Everett and Cristina Luis.
Sunday, November 20 Congratulations to Will Hawkins, who won the Blue Hills Traverse in 1:49:52, more than 10 minutes in front of the 2nd place finisher, Ross Smith (2:00:49). Pavlina Brautigam was third in 2:02:11, winning an exciting sprint from Samantha Saeger, who was 3 seconds behind. In 5th place was Joe Brautigam. Results and course notes are now online.
Sunday, October 2 Winners of the Hudson Highlander X were Wyatt Riley and Samantha Saeger. Wyatt's time was 3:54. Samantha was fifth overall. Complete results are now available.
Sunday, September 25 Scapegoat results are available. Just three finished the third loop, where “the views up there were spectacular”. J.P. Ingebrigtsen won.
Sunday, July 31 Thorsten Graeve was winner of BAOC’s Urban Goat.
Sunday, May 22 Chicago Area Orienteering Club’s Curse of the Goat
Sunday, April 10 The 27th Billygoat Run at Mt. Norwottuck in Amherst, Massachusetts was sunny, warm, and tough. The winners were William Hawkins and Samantha Saeger.
A bottle of wine is presented to Samantha Saeger. Billygoat t-shirts are passed out to the other finishers.
Eddie Bergeron, Vadim Masalkov, and Nadim Ahmed supplied these and more photos and movies.
Official results, including finishers who missed the 3½ hour deadline and t-shirt award and official statistics, are online. New! The orienteering world is stunned with the release, one year after the event, of the head goat's report and declaration of the winning club.

Attack Point has splits, and also a Billygoat discussion.

Great action photos of the race by Sergei Zhyk are here.

Thanks to head goat Jeff Schapiro, NEOC, and all the helpers.

Found: A compass was found in the women's restroom. A black shirt was found in the area of the recreational start. Contact Jeff Schapiro (jeff@billygoat.org) to claim.

Sunday, January 2 OCIN's Billy Pig was won by Bill Swift and Carrie Scarrf.
2004 Saturday, December 11 Orienteering Louisville's Billy Goat was won by David Stanovsky.
Sunday, November 21

The 32nd Blue Hills Traverse attracted a newcomer from northern Finland, Jukka Kokkoniemi. He's a student just beginning a visit to the U.S. Having impressed by finishing in the lead pack on Saturday's "Little Blue Hill Traverse", Jukka pulled away from the pack going up Great Blue Hill and held on to his short lead for 4 more controls to win.

Pavlina Brautigam was the top woman.

With Jeff Saeger returning as meet director after several years, this traverse featured new start and finish locations, and was a little shorter than recent traverses. The general route was again east to west. Overnight rain and drizzle tapered off in time to help the competitors and their maps stay dry.

Full results have been gleaned from the web and from the NEOC Times.

Sunday, October 10 The Hudson Highlander IX results are in. Will Hawkins and Samantha Saeger are the winners!
Sunday, September 5 In Alberta, the Goat and a half 2004 was won by Jonathan Winn and Andree Powers.
Sunday, August 29 The 9th annual RMOC Scapegoat was won by Jason Poole (Eastern Mountain Sports) and Sharon Crawford.
Thursday, July 1 The BubbaGoat, held this year as part of the USOF Convention, was won by J-J Coté.
Sunday, May 16 Maricel Olaru vanquished the Curse of the Goat.
Saturday, May 1 Owen Baird finished first in the Minnegoat.
Sunday, April 25 The Canadians returned to the Billygoat Run in force for the 26th version of the event, which returned to its original location of Mt. Tom, Massachusetts. Douglas Mahoney and Katarina Smith (originally from Sweden) ran away with the coveted goat trophies.
After placing last three years in a row, CSU finally won the team competition. Full results are online.
Sunday, February 29 Sergei Zhyk won the long course at DVOA's Valley Goat.
2003 Sunday, December 7The Possum Trot was won by Mikell Platt & Sharon Crawford.
Saturday, November 22The results of the Bubba Goat are here. Even after the adjustment for bib overalls, Mikell Platt was the winner.
Saturday, November 22The 20 km Scapegoat was won by Jason Poole & Sharon Crawford. RMOC has the results.
Sunday, November 16William Hawkins & Deb Humiston won the 2003 Blue Hills Traverse.
Saturday, November 8Billy Pig V, won by Matt Bond and Margie Huseman
Sunday, October 24 A good writeup of the Golden Goat is online. The race was won by Wyatt Riley & Penny DeMoss.
Saturday, October 11 Minnegoat results include wins by Owen Baird & Elin Sjolander amid downpours.
Sunday, October 5 Hudson Highlander VIII was won by William Hawkins and Erin Olafsen. Look here for full results.
Saturday, September 27 At the Susquehanna Stumble, the 16 km Long Stumble was won by Eddie Bergeron and Yekatarina Dvinyanimova. Results of the Long and Short Stumbles are online.
Sunday, August 31 Results of EOOC's Goat and a Half are here.
Sunday, July 13 Hickorygoat results are online. Winners are Sergei Zhyk and Sandy Fillebrown. The Little Hickory was won by Clem McGrath and Heidi Onkst.
Saturday, July 5 GHO's Night Raid Adventure Run, scheduled for July 5th at Horseshoe Resort was cancelled.
Tuesday, June 24 Pacific Northwest Orienteering Festival results include goat wins by Eric Bone and Sharon Crawford. Kid winners were Rick Breseman and Robin Clark.
Sunday, May 18 The 25th Billygoat Run was won by Sergei Zhyk & Erin Olafsen.
Results are here and at WCOC. WCOC has the report of the Head Goat (Rick DeWitt) announcing the winner of the club award and describing the efforts of the contending clubs.
Sunday, May 18 CAOC reports on the first Curse of the Goat, with mass starts on two courses designated Green and Red, t-shirts, two skipped controls allowed, all coming together for plenty of fun.
Sunday, April 13 GHO members dominated the first annual DONTGETLOST Spring RAID. Three person teams and 25km of slush, ice, snow, and mud. Mark Tarnopolsky's EAS/Hammer team won overall and the masters category, followed by Hans Fransson's GHO Canada GHO. Mike Waddington captained GHO/Hammer to top coed honours and third overall.
Sunday, March 23 QOC had a Blue "Rhino" mass start course at their Orange Grove event, featuring lots of climb and one skip. It was won by Randy Hall and Peggy Dickison.
2002 Sunday, December 8 Winners of Possum Trot VI are Brian May and Sharon Crawford.
full results
Saturday, December 7 Orienteering Louisville's Billy Goat, run in the snow, drew several competitors from outside the local area, including winner Mike Minium. We have the writeup and results.
Sunday, November 24 The course statistics for the 7th Golden Goat were truly fearsome - 10.3km and 750m of climb. Check out goatmaster Ian Tidswell's writeup, including a map of the course.
In the front of the pack, Syd Reader had an awesome run. On the women's side, Penny DeMoss continued her domination of the event. On the Kid, Anders Nilsson had the fastest time. Marie-Josee Payare was the fastest woman.
Sunday, November 24 Results of this hear's Bubba Goat, hosted by GAOC, are available. Rick Shane, winner of the Short Course, wore bib overalls for the entire race, as did 8 others.
Sunday, November 17 OCIN's Billy Pig was won by David Frei over Eric Buckley with just a one second margin. Victors in the Piglet were Vince Hand & Carol Goodman. Results are available.
Sunday, November 10 The 30th Blue Hills Traverse enjoyed unprecedented balmy temperatures approaching 70°F.
Winners were William Hawkins and Deb Humiston. This was the third consecutive win for Hawkins.
Results are available.
Sunday, November 10 2002 Dontgetlost.ca RAID
GHO members dominated the 6th annual Dontgetlost.ca Adventure Run RAID in the Dundas Valley near Hamilton, Ontario. The RAID is a 3-person 25km orienteering, trekking, hashing, trail running, and road running race. Mark Tarnopolsky captained Team Litzen's Sports/Hammer to the overall win and top masters team. Team Silent Skreem, captained by John Markez was tops in the coed category (2nd overall), while Hans Fransson captained Team GHO CANADA GHO to the top spot in the open category. Winning teams took home over $750 in prizes each. Over 80 teams participated.
full results
Wednesday, July 24 U.S. Long-O Championships
Saturday, April 20 24th Billygoat Run
Congratulations to winners Ken Walker, Jr. and Peggy Dickison.
CSU was far and away the most impressive club on the scoreboard, taking the top two places and several others near the top. However word has it that by skipping out on the hallowed tradition of the awards ceremony, they will be subject to a heavy deduction in style points.
Saturday, March 30 Susquehanna Stumble
2001 Sunday, December 2 Possum Trot V results are posted.
Sunday, November 18 The Billy Pig & Piglet
Eric Buckley and Margie Huseman won the 12.5 km race against a field of 12. The piglet was won by Jon Rauschenbach and Claire Dell.
Sunday, November 11 Dontgetlost.ca RAID
Adventure Racing teams dominated the 5th annual Dontgetlost.ca RAID in the Dundas Valley near Hamilton, Ontario. The RAID is a 3-person 25km orienteering, trekking, hashing, trail running, and road running race. Martin Rydlo captained Team Adventure Racing Canada to a win in the open category in a time of 3 hours and 5 minutes. Team MMR captained by Mike Murray of Dundas was 2nd overall and the top all masters team (3:11). Team Everest 2003 was the top coed team and third overall. Rydlo and Murray were members of Canada's first ever Eco Challenge team. Over 180 participants took part.
Sunday, November 11 Blue Hills Traverse
William Hawkins romped over the Blue Hills of Boston to win a notably tough Traverse. Abi Weeds was fourth overall and the women's champion.
Results are available.
Sunday, October 7 Hudson Highlander
The results are published, and 16 sets of splits and comments have been posted at AttackPoint, including those of overall champion Ken Walker, Jr.. Other winners:
junior champion: John Fredrickson
women's champion: Pavlina Brautigam
masters' champion: Jeff Saeger

What a beautiful event! Crisp, bright weather, a surfeit of orienteering in great terrain, plenty of refreshments at three intermediate checkpoints, and home made chili among other hot foods at the finish, made for a tough experience smoothly run by great volunteers.

Saturday, September 22 West Point Extreme-O, expert course won by Joe Brautigam and Melissa Coombs, intermediate by John Fredrickson and Susan DeWitt, novice by Dave Webber and Mary Dipalma
Sunday, September 16 Arizona Goat, won by Mark Everett, with Linda Moore the first woman.
Saturday, August 25 At CNYO's Hillbilly Goat (Dryden, NY), Francis Falardeau dominated as Goat Gruff, while Mark Dominie was an unexpected Mountain Goat champion. Thanks to Ann Leonard, we have the full results.
Sunday, June  3 Eddie Bergeron and Peggy Dickison persevered and prevailed at the 23rd Billygoat Run at Gay City State Park, Connecticut. 14.74 km in length, 335 m of climb.
Goat tales of the non-split variety sent to scott@billygoat.org will be published here promptly.
a crowd of orienteers in a wooded area, glancing at their maps
Saturday, May 5 Look here for results of SVO's fourth Susquehanna Stumble, at Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, PA.
Saturday, April 7 Maj. Dale Manry of the USMA reports that due to all of the fun had at the April West Point Extreme-O, they plan to do it again in the fall. The expert course began with a trail run to a conventional orienteering course, followed by memory-O, orienteering on a 1:25,000 military map, a "ruck run", and an obstacle course. The mystery event was revealed at the very end to require spinning followed by a dizzy grenade toss.
2000 Saturday, December 16 Pouring rain and a 40-degree temperature turned the streams to torrents and the Billy Pig into an adventure race. Of 18 runners signed up, only 5 didn't show. Meet director Steve Vaughan says, "I admire everyone that even came out on this day!"
OCIN has results.
Sunday, December 10 Look for BubbaGoat results on the FLO web pages.
Saturday, December 9 OLOU might have results from its "Billy Goat" at Tom Wallace Park, Louisville, Kentucky.
Sunday, December 3 Fastest trotters at the Possum Trot IV were Mark Everett and Sharon Crawford.
Peter Gagarin came out on top in the Northeastern Triple Crown.
Sunday, November 12 William Hawkins won the 28th Blue Hills Traverse in just over 2 hours. Twelve minutes later in the next pack came Tim Parsons, Dave Lamb, Peter Gagarin, Misha Lipatov, and Alar Ruutopold.
Suzanne Armstrong won the women's race, finishing well ahead of the pack which formed her competition.
53 took to the hills. The moderate, dry weather promoted the success of 49, tieing last year's number of finishers.
Complete results are here and at NEOC's results page.
Sunday, November 12 Over 150 people ran, walked and crawled their way through the Dundas Valley at the 4th annual Backwoods Adventure Run. The new 25K version attracted many Adventure Racing teams and orienteers alike. Team Old Fartleks (Langbakk/Fransson) won easily by upsetting Team Skreemin' Fury (Tarnopolsky/Magi). Team Euro Gator (Duca/Cioban) squeaked out a 3 minute victory in the Coed race over Guldgravarna (French/Karlsson). Mind and Mutter and Skreemin' Chicklets won the Masters and Women's categories.
Sunday, October 8 Official Hudson Highlander VI results are gone from the Internet.
Hudson Highlander top 3: (male) Vytenis Benetis, Eddie Bergeron, Ken Walker, Jr.
              (female) Pavlina Brautigam, Peggy Dickison, Suzanne Armstrong
17 sets of Highlander splits and comments are posted at Attack Point.
Sunday, September 24 Official results of the 5th Annual Scapegoat Run were once on the web at http://www.fortnet.org/RMOC/results_index.htm.
Saturday, June 3 HillBillyGoat
Hillbilly Goat winners: Owen Baird, Greg Walker, Sandy Fillebrown & Corinne Porter (tie for first nanny)
Pygmy Goat winners: Dan Blakeley, Barb Dominie, Ramana Dominie & Nicole Heider (tie for first kid)
Mountain Goat winners: Mike Olson, Corinne Porter
Saturday, May 13 Susquehanna Stumble
Long Stumble winners: Greg Balter, Pam James
Short Stumble winners: Eddie Bergeron, Anne Fitch
Sunday, April 30 Billygoat Run: Mike Waddington got his 5-peat, duplicating Eric Weyman's feat. Pam James successfully defended her womens' Billygoat title.
the winners, wearing blue goat shirts and holding yellow goat trophies young man in ARMY t-shirt running up a hill, with three others trailing It's hard to catch Paul Gates on the uphill finish.
Here are the full statistics.
Saturday, February 5 Arizona Goat: Emily Lane cruised in at an amazing time of 101:26 to lead the 15 participants on the 8K Short Goat, while Jeff Brucker won the 12K Long Goat, in front of 12 others.
1999 Saturday, December 18 Billy Pig won by Pat Meehan, and Billy Piglet won by Tom Kopp and Janice Huebner
Saturday, December 11 Bubba Goat, elite course won by Pete Nelson
Sunday, December 5 Possum Trot III, won by Mikell Platt and Sharon Crawford
Northeastern Triple Crown
Sunday, November 14 With 27 controls, 15km, 635m of climb, and 2 maps, the Blue Hills Traverse is history. We have the complete results.
five orienteers passing through the map exchangeKen Walker, Jr. runs to the finish
Congratulations to winners Ken Walker, Jr. and Erin Olafsen.
Other details: 64 starters, 2 hr. 5 min. winning time. Weather was 55 degrees F., overcast, and windy. Rain held off until 3:00 which was not long enough for everyone. Other photos are available here at billygoat.org. Still more photos have been online at the unofficial (but excellent) US Junior Orienteering Home Page, provided by Ken himself.
Finally, thanks to meet director Michael Hughes, his forbearing bride, and the crew.
Saturday, November 13

OLOU "Billy Goat"

Sunday, October 24 Golden Goat results are available.
The winners of the Goat were one family, with Magnus and Sanna Wollenborg winning the Men's and Women's categories, respectively. On the Kid, Patty White was the victor.
Sunday, October 10 Hudson Highlander 5 had detailed results, now missing from the web.
Mike Waddington & Pavlina Brautigam conquered the course and the compeition.

Friday's weather forecast was favorable, but Sunday came with rain. Not taken by surprise, the organizers provided Highlander-design umbrellas as the awards!

The event's location was revealed when the competitors were led from Camp Wicoda to the start on the Long Mountain map. The trail run on the second leg led back to the Baileytown map, where the third and fourth legs ended at the Girl Scouts camp.

Sunday, October 3 Official results of the 4th Annual Rocky Mountain Scapegoat were once on the web at http://www.fortnet.org/RMOC/1999_Results/scapegoat.htm
Wednesday, August 18 Rocky Mountain Goat & Kid
Congratulations to winners Eric Bone and Sharon Crawford of the Rocky Mountain Goat,
and Brit Conrad and Nic Bone of the Rocky Mountain Kid.
Mikell Platt's summary:
Battling 16.5 kms of sage, hill, tricky skipping combinations, wily competitors, hungry buzzards, and killer attack sheep, Eric Bone, COC and Sharon Crawford, RMOC came out on top in the 1999 Rocky Mountain Goat, the "Goat with the mostest".
Sunday, June 6 HillBillyGoat
Congratulations to winners
Owen Baird, First Billy of the HillBilly Goat as well as the Mountain Goat challenge
Mary Smith, First Nanny of the HillBilly Goat as well as the Mountain Goat challenge
Ross Smith (Billy) of the Pygmy Goat
Barb Dominie (Nanny) of the Pygmy Goat
Sunday, April 11 Billygoat Run
map excerpts, our photos
Here's the writeup, awarding the team title to HVO.
Saturday, March 27 Susquehanna Stumble
Saturday, March 6 Big St. Denny Goat
1998Sunday, December 6 Possum Trot II
Sunday, November 15 Blue Hills Traverse
Saturday, November 14 COK's Bubba Goat, results not online
Sunday, October 11 Hudson Highlander
Official Report on the 1998 Hudson Highlander
Saturday, October 10OLOU "Billy Goat"
Wednesday, August 19 Rocky Mountain Goat
Story of the 1998 Rocky Mountain Goat
Saturday, May 9Golden Goat
Susquehanna Stumble
Sunday, April 26Billygoat results are being moved from the old EMPO web site to the new EMPO web site.
1997Sunday, November 23 Blue Hills Traverse
Saturday, October 18OLOU "Billy Goat"
Sunday, October 12 Hudson Highlander results missing from the Internet
1996Sunday, November 17 Blue Hills Traverse
Sunday, October 13 Hudson Highlander results missing from the Internet
Sunday, April 21 Billygoat Run
1995Sunday, November 12 Blue Hills Traverse
Sunday, October 8 Hudson Highlander results missing from the Internet
Sunday, May 21 Billygoat Run
1994Sunday, November 13 Blue Hills Traverse
1993Sunday, December 5 Blue Hills Traverse
1992Sunday, December 6 Blue Hills Traverse
1991Sunday, November 24 Rocky Woods-Powissett Peak Traverse
1990Sunday, December 2 Blue Hills Traverse
1989Sunday, December 3 Blue Hills Traverse
1988Sunday, December 4 Blue Hills Traverse
1987Sunday, December 6 Blue Hills Traverse
1986Sunday, December 7 Blue Hills Traverse
1985Sunday, December 1 Blue Hills Traverse
1984Sunday, November 25 Blue Hills Traverse
1982Sunday, November 28 Blue Hills Traverse
1981Sunday, November 22 Blue Hills Traverse
1979Sunday, November 25 Blue Hills Traverse
1978Sunday, November 26 Blue Hills Traverse
1977Sunday, November 27 Blue Hills Traverse
1976Sunday, October 24 Blue Hills Traverse
1975Sunday, November 16 Blue Hills Traverse
1974Saturday, November 16 Blue Hills Traverse
1973Sunday, November 18 Blue Hills Traverse

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